Saturday, 3 November 2018

Pervert Action: Legacy v2.0

As master of a mansion in a remote valley, it is Kenji's job to train up his "battle maids" in housework, combat and the arts of love...

The 2.0 release of the game is a huge expansion to the original, containing a slew of new content.

  • Train your maids in housework, battle and the arts of “night service.” Or perhaps you’d prefer to spend your time romancing the other women of the mansion? The maids are: sweet Iku, bratty Kimiko and feisty Fumi; but there’s also your imposing secretary, Rio; the sultry mistress of the manor, Masami; and the mysterious, delicate Ai.
  • The game features around a thousand images and hundreds of lines of voice acting!
  • Each character has their own highly interactive sex scene, with many different options for what you can do.
  • There are also multiple threesome combinations that can be put together for more large, interactive sex scenes!
  • After each character’s individual sex scene has been unlocked, you can freely have sex with them as they go about their daily chores or enter their bedroom at night.
  • There are multiple, completely optional (and easily avoidable, if you want) NTR routes available. Will you let someone else use your maids for night service? What if they take a liking to it?
  • Many voyeur scenes and hidden secrets can be found by exploring the mansion. Collect 30 special collector cards of the girls!
  • There are 16 full endings, including “combo” endings with multiple girls and a massive and interactive “harem ending”.
  • After the harem ending you get access to the “harem victory suite” – a special area where you can replay content and access heaps of bonus pictures and scenes, made up of cut content and special commissioned scenes, exploring wild fantasy ideas that wouldn’t fit in the main game.
Setup: Just install the Adrift Runner (included in the zip file), then open Adrift Runner and, in Adrift, "open file" then select the PAL blorb file. Instructions are also in the zip file, but if you have any problems go ahead and ask me! Alternatively, you can download the .exe version which runs right away with a double click, but this version does often trigger false virus warnings (see the "known issues" section below).
Known issues: (engine bugs)

  • False virus warnings: Note that the ADRIFT engine does sometimes accidentally trigger anti-virus software for the EXE versions. This is because it's an .exe with both the game and the engine all bundled in together. That looks suspicious to some anti-virus programs, but don't worry, the files are completely safe. I couldn't have been releasing games on Patreon for years if they had viruses in them. This problem has been getting worse and worse, to the point where it seems like most people are now getting false virus positives.
  • You may experience trouble if your system language is not set to English. Some variables may not work, causing "Bad expression" bugs.
  • Some systems encounter a total freeze or crash on trying to run the game. If so it may be because you need .NET framework 2.0 installed on your system, which most systems already have. If you need it then you can get it (for Win10 64 bit) here: 
  • Sometimes animations cause problems on some systems, most notably stalling or slow loading. This is an ADRIFT engine bug that I can't fix. People have reported a work-around by clicking on the images.
  • Clicking on rooms in the map to move around may make some scenes repeat themselves.
  • Autocomplete has been reported as contributing to game lag (unconfirmed). You can turn it off in the 'edit' menu.


  1. So you went this route for distribution anyway.

    Why didn't you go ahead with your Nega Maid plans, then? By not linking directly on Patreon, you're not bound by their restrictions.

    1. It's still funded through Patreon and was distributed on there; I just can't put public links on my Patreon page. If they object to content then I kind of have to avoid making that a part of the game.

      Also, just from a "paying the bills" perspective, I can't afford to spend a lot of my productive hours working on something that I can't get any income from. Unfortunate as that reality may be I'm not independently wealthy.

      All that said, the Nega Maids were more of a mascot for the expansion - they weren't the main part of it. The vast majority of the planned new content made it into the game.

  2. Can you play the game without image and sound? Just writing and imagining what's going on?
    Or there isn't enough descriptions for that?

    1. You certainly can play it without images and sound if you prefer - just go into the menu and turn them off - as it is a text game by design. I do think that would be a little bit of a shame as there's hundreds of lines of voice acting in the game and I made (I think) around a thousand images for it too.

    2. Thanks.
      It's just personal preferences with these games, since I prefer to use my imagination ;)

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  4. Is this game available for Android?