Friday, 15 May 2020

Pervert Action: Timelapse preview gallery

You’ve lost the last month of your life. Now you finds in that time you’ve been dating a group of gorgeous, out-of-your-league girlfriends. What happened in that time? 

Here's a gallery of just a tiny part of the huge amount of content in the game! You can get the public links for the game here, and the full,patrons-only version here.

Emi is a famous model – like, “on billboards all over town” famous. She’s used to travelling to beautiful resorts, going to expensive parties, being driven in super cars… really, doing whatever she wants. The whole world is lusting after her incredible body, so it’s going to take some work to figure out why exactly she’s been dating you! Is she really as conceited and superior as she seems?

 Here's a preview of her voice acting by SilkyMilk.


Nobuko is the gorgeous, elegant and wonderfully sweet lady who owns the apartment complex where you live. She’s so nice she often comes around and drops delicious food off to you – the lonely bachelor – as a gift. You love chatting with her too, although it’s a little awkward not to stare at her lovely body and her simply enormous breasts, but luckily she’s never seemed to mind. The only problem? She’s married…

 Here's a preview of her voice acting by Sacci Salt.


Shizu is a mysteriously quiet college girl. She won’t say why she’s there, she won’t explain her past with you… in fact, she won’t say anything at all! She just lurks around the place with her camera, like a stalker. If not for those cute lips, slender curves and thigh-high stockings you’d probably want to call the police on her. What is really going on behind those furtive eyes of hers?

  Here's a preview of some voice acting by Shiyon for several characters in the game - first Kumi, then Cho, then of course Shizu.


Mika is a wild, trashy, nineteen-year-old party girl. She seems to really enjoy making a spectacle of herself, too, dressing slutty and showing off plenty of her tanned skin. You’ve never been the kind of guy that attracts girls like this, but for some reason she won’t explain she seems to have latched on to you as well. Can you tame her?

Here's a preview of her voice acting by VoiceLikeCandy.

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